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Interview: Jennifer McGuire (English Version)

Jennifer McGuire is a family oriented Christian woman. She is a wife and a mother to four children (two stepdaughters and two children of her own). 

Jennifer McGuire
Her craft tutorials are always jam packed with techniques and she goes that extra mile to give you alternative ways to create the same effect if you do not have the same products she used.

An excerpt from Hero Arts Artist Bio
"Her designs and page layouts have been published in Creating Keepsakes magazines and idea books, Scrapbooks Etc., Autumn Leaves "Designing With” books and several other publications. Her work can be seen each month in CK's Tool Time column, where Jennifer shows the many things you can do with one tool or product. She also writes a bi-monthly article for CreatingKeepsakes.com. A book based on these articles, “101 Things To Do With Your Scrapbook Supplies,” was released in June 2007 from Creating Keepsakes. "

She has become a YouTube sensation with a whopping 90.395 subscribers and 10.164.822 views.

The interview

HA: You are a wife and a mother to four children. Two of which are your stepchildren. 
Do you have any advice to people with blended families?  

JMcG: I feel very blessed to be a step-mom. I am proud of them. I really don’t have any good advice - just embrace it as a gift!

HA: You have a keen friendship with Kristina Werner. How did you meet? 
I understand that you don't even stay in the same city?

JMcG: We met via crafting many years ago. After a few years, we started talking more and hit it off. She is a gem and I admire her. We encourage each other and that is very important! She lives in Utah, and I live in Ohio.

HA: You studied Engineering. The discipline of engineering is extremely broad, and encompasses a range of more specialized fields of engineering. 
What was your field of expertise?

JMcGI was a Mechanical Engineer. I did a project with NASA in college and loved it. But I wanted to live in Ohio near my family, so I took a job at P&G. After 5 years I left to do crafting full time.

HA: Do you miss working as an engineer?

JMcG:  Not one bit. :) It wasn’t the right career for me.

HA: How do you combine your background of engineering with what you do now?

JMcG: I don’t really use the engineering, but do use some of the “business sense” I learned from working in a large corporation.

HA: What is it that attracted you to scrapbooking and card making?

JMcG: I volunteered with the senior high youth group at my church. After a mission trip, I did a scrapbook and was instantly hooked. A few years later, I started working with Hero Arts and that turned me into a cardmaker.

HA: You are also a designer. Who do you design for?

JMcG: I don’t work for any design teams or companies. I do a bit of consulting for Hero Arts, but otherwise I prefer to work on my own so I can support many companies at once.

101 + Creative Ways to Use Your Scrapbook Supplies
Creating Keepsakes magazine
HA: Can you tell us a bit more about your books 
"101 Things To Do With Your Scrapbook Supplies" and 
"101 Creative ways to use your scrapbook supplies"? 
I understand that they were based on your publications in Creating Keepsakes Magazines?

JMcG: Yes, I did these books years ago when I was into scrapbooking. I loved the crew at Creating Keepsakes, so I enjoyed doing these books. However, they were a lot of work!

HA: You have always been open about being a Christian. How does this affect your work?

JMcG: My faith is a big part of who I am. And I love that this hobby has introduced me to many who have the same beliefs… and many who have different beliefs! I love the diversity.

HA: Do you ever get negative criticism and if so, how do you handle it?

JMcG I ignore it. 

HA: You recently launched a new website and it is well thought out. What would you say were the most challenging aspects of creating a personal website?  

JMcG: The most challenging part is finding the time to pull the site together. I worked with an AWESOME company who made it very easy on me. They did it all. However, in the end, I had to be the one to make some of the final details happen. And since my family comes first, it was difficult to make the time. But I am glad I did.

HA: Have you ever thought of creating an e-book with guidelines for your followers 
and will that only be available for members from your online classes?

JMcG: I haven’t! A great idea. ;)

HA: Your call to action on bullying is so inspiring. To use creative spirit to send kindness into the world is a small step for a huge problem. What inspired you to initiate this project? Do you see this becoming a bigger project in the future like a non profit or such?

JMcG: I feel card making - and the giving of the cards - is an act of kindness. And the world can use more of that! I heard about the Kind Campaign and loved the message. I don’t have plans to do a non-profit. I have too much on my plate already and I really like to support many other charities. I will be showcasing some other non-profits in the future.

HA: I understood that your husband created some craft products for you in the past, 
can you tell us more about that? 

JMcG: Hahaha… no… he just happens to be the inventor of Press N Seal. It is a product he developed at P&G. It is meant for kitchen use but many crafters are using it on their cards! It is a handy tool.

HA: Your videos are always very professional. What, in your opinion, 
are the best camera's, sound and lightning tricks you use?

JMcG: I really don’t think you need anything fancy. Just a decent camera, a tripod and arm, and a microphone. Start simple - you can always add better equipment.

HA: What advice can you give our readers if they too want to make stamping their career?

JMcG: My advice is to just DO YOUR THING. Create in your own way. Share in your way. Just be natural. If it is meant to happen it will!

"Spread kindness with love and integrity"

Interviewer: Sandie van der Graaf

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  1. So lovely to read Jennifer's answers to questions many people would love to ask her, I'm sure. She is a gem.

  2. Just noticed this interview on the sidebar, I love Jennifer's work.

    Have been following her since I (re)started paper crafting.


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